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Are Solar Panels Worth It In 2023?

Updated: Jul 31

Due to increased electricity costs, there’s been a growing demand in the solar industry, making solar power a no-brainer for many resident owners. Not more than 20 GW of solar capacity were installed around the world in 2009. That number has scaled up to 480 GW in a decade. This surge is due to technological advancements. You probably think solar panels are worth the investment. Yes, they are. As you read on, you’ll discover why all embrace solar technology.

Are you looking to install a solar system in your home? Florida Electric and Solar in Florida specialize in commercial and residential solar installation. We take pride in our exceptional services, which have helped build a strong reputation for us. Still in doubt about solar systems? We’ve compiled a guide that will convince you. Let’s dive in!

How To Know If Solar Panels Are Worthwhile

If you’re contemplating installing solar systems in your residence, you’ll find these tips helpful.

  • Evaluate your electricity rates: With solar installations, you won’t need to spend much on electric bills. It’s best to switch to solar technology when electricity bills soar. Want to know if solar is a better option? You’ll need to calculate your present utility costs and average energy used within the year. Find out the rates you consume each month. This will help you in making an informed decision.

  • Analyze the solar system size and cost of installation: Compute the installation prices and solar system size. The installation cost differs from one company to another and is based on the type of equipment you choose. It’s advised you get quotes from two to five contractors so you can make the best choice. Numerous systems don’t need much maintenance; hence they’re long-lasting. Estimate your current electricity rate and compare it with the cost of solar systems.

Factors To Consider About Solar Installation

Now you understand the fuss about solar technology. What are the factors you should take into account in solar system installation? Let’s consider a few:

  • Sunlight exposure: The amount of sun rays determines solar energy produced. While some areas receive more sunlight, you’ll need to consider your home’s direction to the sun, the roof type, and shade before installing panels. Sunny areas produce a significant amount of energy.

  • Incentives: Most homeowners are offered incentives when they install solar systems. These incentives differ by state. Some resident owners may be given incentives in the form of cash and property tax exemption. Since solar is becoming quite affordable, the government has begun reviewing the incentives. Check the database for your state’s incentives.

Is Solar Technology Worth It?

Considering the factors and tips, it’s pretty glaring that investment in solar energy is worth it. You’ll get to save more on electricity bills and get a good payback return.

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Are you looking for solar companies near me? Florida Electric and Solar is the best solar installation company around. We have certified staff who are well versed in solar panel installation, diagnostics, and maintenance. Contact us today in Florida to learn more about solar panels.

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