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Is Your House a Candidate For Floridas Solar Power

You may hear nothing but the benefits of solar panels and energy and how you need to get it installed right now. And of course the best option is usually to go towards more energy efficiency in your home, helping you lower your utility bills while also helping the environment. But do you know if your house is ultimately a candidate for Florida solar power? Doing your research before going ahead with solar panel installation will be the best course of action. Once you’re ready to start the process, you’ll want Florida Electric and Solar to complete your solar project today.

Always Start With The Roof

The first step in determining if your house is a good candidate for solar is obviously centered around your roof. Although almost any roofing material can support solar, the more durable materials such as composite, asphalt shingle, concrete tile, or standing seam metal work best. If your roof is made of wood shake, slade tile, clay/mortar, or composite metal/stone coated steel, it’s best to ask your solar panel installation technician if they have experience installing on these roofs.

If your roof is older, it may be necessary to replace it before installing your solar panels. You can install the panels on your older roof, but it would simply cause more labor and interruption when the time comes to replace your roof. Most solar panels can also help offset the cost of your replacement, sometimes in as little as five years. And since the panels can last a good 40 years, you’ll want a nice, stable roof for them to do their stuff.

Florida Solar Power In Your Home

Next, you’ll want to evaluate how much sunlight your roof receives. The more sunlight your roof receives, the more energy you’ll get. Solar panels that face south provide the most energy to your home. But depending on if you have any shady trees and what the orientation and slant of your roof is, these will either hinder or help in getting your home the solar power it needs.

You don’t always need to have constant sunlight on your home, as most solar panels gather direct and indirect sunlight into electricity. Solar energy can be collected and used during low sunshine periods, and people in more cloudy states can still reap the benefits. Being in Florida, you’ll want to ensure the solar panels you get installed will be strong enough to withstand any storms you may experience, including hurricanes. Talking with a technician in solar panel installation will be able to better guide you towards the most durable panels.

Knowing how much you pay already on your utility bills will help determine the necessity of solar panels as well. The main point is ensuring that installing the solar panels will save you money in the long run. A utility bill that is at least $75 is a good indicator that solar energy will work in your home to help lower that bill.

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Ready to take the plunge and get solar energy going into your home? For the leader in Florida solar power, you’ll want Florida Electric and Solar to take care of all your installation needs. Our OSHA trained technicians can install your solar panels on any roof type, even on carports or ground mounts if need be. Call us today to get your project underway!

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Unknown member
Aug 30, 2023

Thank you for sparking this important discussion. Your blog post seems like a helpful guide for Florida residents who are eager to explore the feasibility of solar power for their homes.

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